Front End Word Processing

The buttons that control the formatting, layout etc are pretty intuitive and should be familiar from word processing - see screenshot below. If not, click them all and see what happens! Some buttons remain greyed out until content is selected. The WYSIWYG editor can be a bit temperamental when applying a lot of formatting. It has a tendency to pick up or not release formatting tags from adjacent objects. Failing all else use the HTML editor. But take care when using it not to upset the HTML! If you do, the page may not display correctly. But don't worry; you can always restore the original from the copy you saved on your computer! Click the HTML icon/button [see screenshot] or use the Toggle Editor link at the foot of the editing pane to switch between the WYSIWYG and HTML editor.

Editing only affects what is in the editing window in front of you. Be sure to click SAVE when you have finished! or your work will not appear on the WWW! When you click SAVE the editing window shuts and a message appears at the head of the page confirming what you've done. Joomla warns you if you are about to navigate away from a page without first SAVING. It is also a good plan to save on your own computer a copy of the HTML as a plain text file. For more info see Front Page Basics.

How do I create a new page? [Requires AUTHOR or above status.] Once you are logged in a new MENU item called SUBMIT ARTICLE will appear on the MAIN MENU. Click the SUBMIT ARTICLE button to open a blank editing window in which to enter your text and add any images. When you SAVE, Joomla sends a message to the ADMINISTRATOR that a new ARTICLE has been submitted for approval. The ADMINISTRATOR can then publish, edit or decline the ARTICLE or refer back to its author. To publish a new article the ADMINISTRATOR will need to assign it to a menu.



How do I edit a page? [Requires EDITOR or above status.] Log in. Say you want to edit the Graffiti page. Have a go! That's what it's is there for. At the top of the page, alongside the PRINT and EMAIL icons, will be the EDIT icon. edit Click the EDIT icon on any page to edit it.

Below any editing window there are more options such as metadata description [keep to under 20 relevant words!] and keywords [keep to under 20 relevant words!], section, category, and Front Page choices etc. See under 'Home Page' for more about Front Page!