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Joomla Basics

There are two ways of interacting with a Joomla website; via the Front End or the Back End. These are Joomla terms used by them and on associated web pages such as the FORUM. Access to Front End and Back End are via a browser once you have registered. Having registered, if you go to NYNEHEAD.ORG and log in you have Front End access. If you go to NYNEHEAD.ORG/ADMINISTRATOR and enter a valid user name and password you will have Back End access. Essentially you alter content via the Front End; via the Back End as well as editing content you can alter style, function and structure.

Conventional websites permit only passive viewing of ‘static’ web pages whereas Joomla is ‘interactive’ in the sense that it is easy for users to add their own content e.g. text and images. Joomla enables interactivity at various levels. The principal levels of access are those of AUTHOR, EDITOR, PUBLISHER, and ADMINISTRATOR. The level of access you have is determined in the first place by an Administrator. Each level of the hierarchy provides ADDITIONAL powers to those of its predecessor. These are basically as follows;

AUTHORS can submit content which requires approval by an Administrator before publication [i.e. before appearing on the website]. Authors cannot edit content already on the website.

EDITORS can both submit new content and edit content already published but still require approval before publication.

PUBLISHERS have the powers of authors and editors but require NO prior approval to publish. Content appears IMMEDIATELY on the website once SAVED.

ADMINISTRATORS have all the above powers plus the ability to grant the above powers to others - and a whole lot more. Administrator must either know what they are doing or be prepared to learn before doing it! To request a higher level of access contact the

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CAUTION! BEFORE altering any existing content save a copy of the HTML in plain text on your own pc. Then if it all goes wrong you stand a chance of putting things back as they were! An easy way to do this once in Joomla editing mode is;

  1. Click the HTML icon or 'Toggle editor.' [see image on Front End page.]
  2. Right click in the HTML editing window
  3. Click 'select all'
  4. Click 'Copy'
  5. Paste into any text editor on your own pc - NotePad will do, but NOT Word or any other word processor.
  6. Name and save it on your own pc somewhere where you can find it again! Save as a plain .txt file NOT a word process file.

If what you are doing goes wrong reverse the above - copy and paste the original text file saved on your pc back into the HTML editing window and click the Joomla SAVE button. [Joomla automatically uses the text file to construct the HTML.] Hopefully you will be left with what was there originally. Similarly, if you are satisfied with your editing, again, select the whole page from the HTML window and save a copy to your own pc as a text file before saving and closing in the Joomla editor. That way, if somone else inadvertently mucks up your work, you can easily restore it.

There are separate pages covering basic Front End and Back End tasks - but Joomla is devilish cunning and can do MUCH more than it is possible to outline there!