The 'Home' or 'Front' Page

The HOME PAGE, or FRONT PAGE as Joomla calls it, is the first page you see on the website. Any article of whatever length and with any number of images can be included on the FRONT PAGE by selecting the option YES for FEATURED that is just above and to the left of WYSIWYG editing window - see screenshot.



Every article on the website could be set to display on the FRONT PAGE. Were that to happen the FRONT PAGE would be cumbersome, unreadable and probably ignored by most viewers including this one! Apart from structural components e.g. navigation links, sponsors, login etc, the FRONT PAGE should only contain;

  1. A short, descriptive welcoming message to the website as a whole.
  2. Important or urgent announcements or news.
  3. Headlines from current articles with READ MORE links

To insert READ MORE links on the FRONT PAGE you must be in editing mode. Place the cursor immediately after whatever content you wish to 'trail' and click the READ MORE link below the editing window - see screenshot. A red wavy line ~~~~~~ will appear in the editor window [but not on the Front Page] indicating the READ MORE link. SAVE! and the headline, i.e. everything above the red wavy line, will appear on the FRONT PAGE. To REMOVE a headline from the FRONT PAGE go to the article in question in EDIT mode, place the cursor immediately above the wavy red line and click DELETE.

It therefore makes sense when writing an article you intend to 'trail', that you ensure the opening sentences are short, pithy, up-to-date and likely to arouse interest!