Front End Basics

For Front End access go to NYNEHEAD.ORG and log in with your user name and pass word.

To log in and use the Front End of NYNEHEAD.ORG you must register first and activate your account on receipt of a confirmatory email. Depending on your level of access e.g. AUTHOR, EDITOR, PUBLISHER, or ADMINISTRATOR you will be able submit, edit, or add new content or structure to the website.

HOW DO I EDIT A PAGE? [Requires Editor or above status.] LOG IN and navigate to the page you want to edit. At the top of the page, alongside the icons for PRINT and EMAIL a new EDIT icon will appear edit. Clicking the EDIT icon on any page will open that page in edit mode where you can either use the WYSIWYG editor or edit the HTML direct. Here's a screenshot of a Joomla editing window.


At bottom left is a button to create hyperlinks to other articles etc. Select whatever is to act as the link in the edit pane then click the ARTICLE button and navigate to the file you want. The rest of the formatting and layout buttons and icons should be familiar from word processing. If not, click them all and see what happens! Some buttons remain greyed out until content is selected. You will only affect what is in the editing pane. If you don't SAVE what you have done it will not affect what is on the website! The SAVE button 'applies' what you have done to the appearance of the content on the website, which you can then preview by clicking VIEW SITE but the changes are only rendered permanent when you SAVE AND CLOSE. To exit without saving press CLOSE. Be sure to click SAVE & CLOSE if you want to save your work!

Images and some other files can be uploaded from your own computer to the Joomla website without having to use FTP. See below for further info on uploading images.

HOW DO I INSERT AN IMAGE? This is easy to do, but size matters! The overall width should not exceed 600px on pages which have no modules on the right hand side such the Home page. For pages using modules on both left and right sides the overall width should not exceed 450px. Use only 72 d.p.i. - monitors can't display more. Upload ALL images into the images folder or you won't be able to browse to them easily when editing. You can create a new folder within images.

Click the IMAGE button at bottom left of the editing window and browse to the image you want. Click on it then click the INSERT button at top right of the image insertion pane. Job done. The image should now display in the editing window. If it doesn't - job not done! Once the image displays in the editing window you can further edit it, position it etc. To do so, click the image [to select it] then click the EDIT/INSERT IMAGE button [tree icon] and fire away.

Slide shows, random image displays, light boxes and all manner of other image plugins are available to use with Joomla. Several may already be installed but to apply them you will need Administrator access - or access to a friendly Administrator.

HOW CAN I CREATE A NEW PAGE?. In Joomla-speak this is a new ARTICLE. Once you are logged in select the SUBMIT ARTICLE option from the USER MENU.

Alongside and below the editing pane there are numerous options to explore which can affect articles.

WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO KNOW? Nothing - much!