360° Panorama of Flooding in 2012

Strictly speaking the Panorama above has no place here, having been photographed just outside the parish bounds on the 'footpath' between East Nynehead and Bradford 'zum Meer' - as it was then. The image is composed of a number of photos taken of the River Tone in full spate in 2012. Spot the dry land! and I wasn't standing on any. Approx position from which the images were taken: 50° 59' 53" N 3° 11' 40" W. For those who know the area, the join is roughly where the stile is [see image below], after crossing the railway going towards Bradford. Hover the mouse pointer over the panorama to pause it. The other images below were taken at the same time as the panorama but from within the parish, around East Nynehead.

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