The last 'Annual Council Meeting' was held on Monday 12th May 2014 (following the Annual Parish Meeting starting at 7.00 p.m.) at Nynehead Memorial Hall.

Nynehead Parish Council normally meets on the 1st Monday of the month, unless this falls on a Public Holiday when it will usually be held the following Monday.

Meetings are held in Nynehead Memorial Hall and commence at 7.30 pm. The first ten minutes of each meeting are devoted to the public so that they may express their comments, suggestions or complaints. In addition and at the discretion of the chair, contributions from the public may be invited during the meeting - providing they are constructive and beneficial to the proceedings. Those attending are again welcome to express their views at the end of each meeting. Please note however, that as public question times do not actually form part of the meeting, points raised will not be minuted. This does not mean that your councilors don't take them into account. Indeed, they are treated as valued contributions and are fully considered whenever possible.

The dates of scheduled meetings are:

  • Monday 5th January 2015
  • Monday 2nd February 2015
  • Monday 2nd March 2015
  • Monday 6th April 2015
  • Monday 4th May 2015 - Annual Parish meeting starting at 7.00 pm - followed by the Annual Council Meeting
  • Monday 1st June 2015
  • Monday 6th July 2015
  • Monday 7th September 2015
  • Monday 5th October 2015
  • Monday 2nd November 2015
  • Monday 7th December 2015

Remember, your Parish is all about you and your neighbours. Your contributions are both important and welcome.

You can see minutes of the previous 12 months meetings by clicking on the relevant month listed below. Only the last 12 months' minutes are archived here; please check the dates to the right to ensure you are in the right year!


JANUARY 5th January 2015
FEBRUARY 2nd February 2015
MARCH 2nd March 2015
APRIL 7th April 2014
MAY 12th May 2014 - Annual Council Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting
JUNE 2nd June 2014
JULY 7th July 2014
AUGUST No meeting
SEPTEMBER 1st September 2014
OCTOBER 6th October 2014
NOVEMBER 3rd November 2014
DECEMBER 1st December 2014